Ashraf Nadoury

Senior and Managing Partner
Nadoury Nahas Law Offices

Ashraf Nadoury
Ashraf Nadoury obtained an LL.B from Alexandria University in 1956, a Diploma in Criminal Law from Alexandria University in 1961. He also obtained M.A International Law from Villanova University in 1975. He was granted a certificate in International Law and Comparative Law from Southwestern Legal Foundation in 1981.

Ashraf Nadoury has a prominent reputation both within Egypt and internationally, with a wide range of experience. He was an Assistant District Attorney, a Judge in the National Judiciary, President of Alexandria Court, Lecturer at University of Alexandria and University of Cairo Law schools in 1978. Ashraf Nadoury founded Nadoury and Nahas Law Offices in 1978. In 1983-1985, he was appointed as a Vice President for legal affairs at the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt and as a Third Vice President of World Jurist Association in 1991. He was an EX – Member Board of Directors of Nasr Import and Export Company. Moreover, he is a Legal Specialist of the institute for Public Private Partnerships, Washington DC and Abt Associates, Cambridge MA.

Ashraf Nadoury’s creative knowledge and wide relationships with professionals enabled him to enhance the reputation that Nadoury Nahas Law Firm enjoys.

Ashraf Nadoury is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association, American Bar Association, and International Bar Association where he represents the Egyptian Bar Association in IBA Council in (1979- 1983). Moreover, he is a member of the Panel of Arbitrators of American Arbitration Association, member of the Panel of Arbitration of Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration, member of the Inter-American Bar Association, member of Southwestern Legal Foundation, member of International and Comparative Law Center- Advisory Board, member of the Common Heritage Institute – Advisory Board. Last but not least, Ashraf Nadoury is also a member of Asia – Pacific Lawyers Association and a member of Lex Africa Network.

Ashraf Nadoury has an extensive number of publications such as, “Foreign Investment in Egypt” in 1977, “Legal Problems of Transferring Technology to Serve the World” in 1989, “Privatization in Egypt” in 2001, “Iraq Claims Summary” in 2002 and “Forms and Structures of Business in Egypt” in 2004.

Ashraf Nadoury has traveled extensively throughout the world and participated in numerous international legal conferences and seminars. All this maintained him to be the Legal Advisor of Misr Canada Company and maintained him to provide Legal Consultation and Establishing a Representative Office in Cairo for Federated Department Stores Inc. N.Y. USA., Legal Consultation and Executing an Arbitration Award for Proletary Glass Factory Ukraine, Legal Consultation regarding the dispute between SICEP & BIC, France. Furthermore, he is the Legal Advisor for UPS, USA and Europe. He provides Legal Consultation regarding the Arbitration Procedures “ICC in France”.

Finally, Ashraf Nadoury Occupies the position of Senior & Managing Partner of Nadoury Nahas Law Offices which is one of the largest international law firms in Egypt.

Mr. Ashraf Nadoury is a member in the following Associations:-

• Egyptian Bar Association.

• International Bar Association, representing Egyptian Bar Association in IBA Council (1979 – 1983).

• American Bar Association.

• Panel of Arbitrators of American Arbitration Association (New York).

• Panel of Arbitration of Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration.

• Inter – American Bar Association.

• International and Comparative Law Center – Advisory Board. (Dallas – Texas).

• Common Heritage Institute – Advisory Board (Philadelphia – Pennsylvania).

• Asia Pacific Lawyers Association.

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