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Nadoury & Nahas is a medium sized law firm with offices in both Alexandria and Cairo ; the firm was formed in 1978. Nadoury & Nahas is affiliated with several law firms through the Gulf Cooperation Council Nations.

The attorneys of Nadoury & Nahas handle litigation and commercial matters for a diverse clientele that includes national and multinational corporations, partnerships, joint ventures & individuals. The work of the firm ranges from corporate acquisitions to joint ventures, from complex litigation of international commercial arbitration, from administrative law to industrial relations. The firm's distinguished attorneys also offer a comprehensive program of risk analysis and investment monitoring.

While Nadoury & Nahas is a full service law firm offering comprehensive legal assistance, the work of the firm might generally be characterized as:

Corporate Law does occupy a wide and important area of Nadoury & Nahas legal activity, therefore its attorneys are experts in drafting international contracts, shareholders, joint ventures agreements, as well as handling disputes arising from its execution. Accordingly, it is normal that our two offices did establish strong practice in two areas concerning Corporate Law which are Banking Law and Bankruptcy Law.

International trade and foreign investment are connected with the commercial and corporate law in which Nadoury & Nahas has a distinguished practices; our firm is specialized in forming companies, mergers, branches of foreign companies in Egypt .

Nadoury & Nahas does provide sophisticated legal counsel on all matters of Taxation. Also Nadoury & Nahas did draft a legal analysis for the new Taxation Law in Egypt as a member of the Taxation Committee of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of the new law to enable our clients to find out the best way to invest in Egypt and deal with the Taxation Authority. Nadoury & Nahas assists with personal income tax, inheritance, estate and gift taxes.

The firm maintains an extensive Intellectual Property rights practice. An important consideration for foreign investors is “How to protect their Trade Mark” and all their other Intellectual Property Rights. Nadoury & Nahas does present to their clients all legal assistance in relation to the Intellectual Property as we are patent and trade mark agents.

In addition, Nadoury & Nahas specializes in comprehensive consultation services for potential business investors in Egypt in which Mr. Nadoury did write an article “The New Egyptian Business Climate Demands, A Preventive Approach to Investment Planning”.

Nadoury & Nahas handle International Commercial Arbitration matters with other Dispute Resolution methods, such as Mediation and Conciliation through high standard qualified attorneys.

Because of the international reputation of Nadoury & Naha's practices in the field of litigation, the firm is called upon regularly to litigate major disputes between multinational and national enterprises. Nadoury & Nahas litigates at all levels of courts and before administrative agencies and both international and domestic arbitration panels. Due to its membership in more than one international legal network, Nadoury & Nahas can serve their clients and provide them with legal assistance.

Since Nadoury & Nahas has an office in the city of Alexandria and since Alexandria is an important port located at the Mediterranean Sea , the firm did establish a strong practice in the Maritime Law and other related fields like Shipping Disputes.

One of the obstinate problems in Egypt is the administrative procedures of the Real Estate Registration in which Nadoury & Nahas has a legal experienced staff who can deal with such procedures.

Labor Law occupies a considerable space of Nadoury & Naha's areas of practice, since we are legal consultants for considerable national and international corporations in Egypt .

Nadoury & Nahas areas of practice extend to Family Law Disputes in which Nadoury & Nahas has a special experience, particularly when the dispute does include a foreign nationality factor.

Moreover the Environmental Law , Nadoury & Nahas was involved in drafting the Articles of the International Bid in respect of Cairo & Alexandria Governorates for privatization of Solid Waste Management, we offered a detailed legal research on the Tender & Bids Law no. 89/1998 in addition to the package of Egyptian Environmental Codes.

Nadoury & Nahas in Cairo and Alexandria have a Translation section equipped with the best translators. We provide comprehensive documentary translation services from English and/or French languages into Arabic and vice versa. Moreover, Nadoury & Nahas is registered as an Authorized Translation Office at the following Embassies in Cairo and Alexandria : American Embassy , UK Embassy, Canadian Embassy, and Embassy of Australia .

Nadoury & Nahas did form an Arab Legal Network, which covers seven countries, in addition to Egypt: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates ( Abu Dhabi – Dubai ), Oman , Bahrain and Jordan . Through the members of this legal network, we get referrals either to Egypt or to Europe and USA . We can also serve our clients through the offices of the members of the Arab Legal Network. There are three Egyptian Lawyers moving between the offices of the members to guarantee the efficiency of the legal services rendered to our clients.

Nadoury & Nahas Law Offices are also members of LEX Africa which is a legal network covering 21 countries in Africa . The head quarter of LEX Africa is in South Africa ( ). We are also a member in International Association of Practicing Lawyers (IAPL) which is based in Switzerland . Its members are 25 law firms. ( ).


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22 Bani Al Abbas Street, Virginia Al Fara'na Building , Suite 52, Bab Shark District,Alexandria.
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