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Nadoury & Nahas Law Offices did celebrate its 20 years existence on April 1998 and its Senior Partner Mr. Ashraf Nadoury did circulate to its clients the following letter:

Dear Sir/MS,

20 years have elapsed since Nadoury & Nahas Alexandria office was founded by me “Ashraf Nadoury” on April 21 st , 1978, after spending 23 years in the Judiciary branch of the Arab Republic of Egypt, starting as Assistant District Attorney for Alexandria Governorate on October 1956, directly after graduation from Alexandria Law school, until sitting on the bench as Senior Judge at Cairo High Court of Appeal. My decision to leave the judiciary and join the practicing lawyers is due to the scholarship, which had been granted to me by Villanova University at Pennsylvania State , USA to obtain Master degree in the International law, where I spent 3 years from September 1972-September 1975.

During the age of Nadoury & Nahas “20 years” many of my colleagues have uninterruptedly rendered the most personalized and effective legal service to those who have distinguished us with their trustfulness. We believe the most important thing is to know well our clients, their companies, and business, this being the only way to assess and obtain a fair representation and knowledge of their situation and of the legal advice they need. We can proudly state our partners and lawyers personally know all of our clients, or in the case of companies, their officers.

During the past twenty years, we have decided to accept two challenges, so as to be in line with those changes demanded by competition.

The first challenge is to offer to our clients our Cairo office in Garden City, Cairo , at the Embassies sector of Cairo . Through our office we did serve our foreign clients by being in the Capital of Egypt where all the Ministries departments and official agencies are located.

The second challenge is to face requirements of high standard legal services that every business requires, which is quality control. To satisfy these professional requirements we have taken more than one measure: -

• Rendering legal advices and services through a team work; every case is handled by one partner and at least 2 associates.

• Meeting once a week for the staff of Cairo and Alex. Offices, to discuss different legal issues related to cases they handle.

• Training programs and attending legal seminars and conferences.

Before coming to end, I would like to attract your attention that we did annex two Translation Departments to Alexandria & Cairo offices, employing professional staff, fluent in Arabic, English and French languages and using best equipments.

At last I would like to convey my personal gratitude to my colleagues who have shared with me the burden of rendering quality services to our clients, particularly to the late, Mohamed Samir El-Sayed, we were only 2 practicing lawyers in Alexandria office on April 1978.

I would like to thank my partner Mr. Sayed El-Nahas who joined our firm in 1986 and did not hesitate to give all his efforts to bring Nadoury & Nahas to its high standard of efficiency.


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